What dishes does my food establishment need photographed?

While it would be nice to have every food item on your menu photographed, from a food cost perspective, it would be way too expensive. Not only from a food cost perspective for the restaurant, the expense of hiring a food photographer to shoot your entire menu would be very costly!

Here are a few suggestions for helping narrow down food items to showcase on your menu (or table-displays, menu inserts, etc...)

1) Showcase your Specials

If you're a restaurant that features monthly (or even weekly) specials, these items would be important to have photographed. Because specials are separate from your regular menu, it's important to put emphasis on them! You can also get creative with the use of specials, such as using the images for table-top displays, window decals, and much more.

2) Showcase your most popular selling dishes

If you own a seafood restaurant and the Halibut is your most popular selling item, by all means have the Halibut photographed. It makes practical sense. Why feature something on your menu that never sells; instead focus on photographing what does sell well at your restaurant.

If you're not sure what sells the most, have your bookkeeper determine that for you. 

3) Showcase in-season items

At certain times of the year, you might want to have a few photographed items of your in-season dishes. This is prime opportunity to feature dishes that are in season that you can't get other times of the year. If figs are in season in August and your restaurant serves a fig salad, this would be a good idea to have a photograph of it. 

It's easy to get overwhelmed by thinking you need every food item photographed, however, consider the above points when you plan for your photo shoot.

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