Why do I need food photography?

If you're in the hospitality industry, it's imperative that you have compelling imagery that sells your product or service. Who's going to buy filet mignon off your dinner menu if the image looks like it was lit with an on-camera flash? Nobody! People eat with their eyes first, therefore, it's important that you have professional images that increase your return of investment.

How many food images do I need? Do I need images for my entire menu?

Great question! From a food cost perspective, it would be way too expensive to have professional images taken for your entire menu, so, instead, have your most popular selling dishes photographed, or, your specials. 

How much do your food photography services cost?

It depends on many different factors. For example: How many dishes do you need photographed? Do you need a food stylist? What kind of backgrounds/surfaces do you want to use? Do you require a different surface/backdrop for each and every food item? As you can see, there are so MANY different factors that can determine price. No two clients are the same and every client has a different need. It's best to set up a FREE telephone consultation with me so that I understand your needs and goals before putting together a proposal.

Is a food stylist necessary? 

It depends on the job assignment. If I'm shooting rum in a crystal glass, no, but, if I'm photographing pizza, then absolutely, a food stylist is needed. A great food stylist has the ability to turn food into a work of art while helping keep the food last longer on set. 

Do you work with natural light or artificial light?

I use both, but, I primarily work with artificial light when I photograph food/beverages. The reason being is that it's much easier to control artificial light then it is to control natural light. The sun is constantly changing positions in the sky which means that there is a shorter window of time to photograph food. With artificial light, I have full control over my scene. I also have the ability to mimic natural light in the studio with artificial lighting. If you prefer using natural light, I will happily accommodate your needs.