About Rob Stathem Photography

Rob Stathem, founder and professional Southern California food photographer, formed the company with the purpose of providing professional food photography to hospitality companies who need to represent their menu and brand with the highest degree of integrity.

Rob’s experience and incessant drive to create the most compelling food photographs for his client’s is unique to the industry. His resourcefulness in working with light and his fixed rate pricing schedule are a perfect combination that contributes to a higher return on investment for Rob's clientele.

With a singular focus on sales generation, Rob's clients appreciate his approach to food photography because of his commitment to garnering positive results that lead to business growth.

When Rob is not photographing food for clients, he enjoys cooking and photographing his own food dishes, visiting some of the most luxurious hotels in California, and scouring the local community for his next favorite restaurant.

Now that you know more about Rob, take a look at the list of SERVICES. You can also read some of his most popular articles on the BLOG. To purchase high quality mounted canvas prints, please visit SHOP.

Some of Rob's clients include:

  • The Lafayette Hotel in San Diego

  • Stratus Restaurant - inside the new Carlsbad Holiday Inn

  • La Paz Products

  • Gourmet India Food (GIFCO)

  • Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

  • Scott's Restaurant and Bar

  • Anaheim Whitehouse Restaurant

  • Cen Cal Magazine

  • Chef Fabrice Poigin

  • Bird Dog Whiskey

  • Drink Fizzique




Content and Images Copyrighted by Rob Stathem