What's your unique story?

On Thursday September 17, I had the pleasure of photographing a series of dishes and cocktails at The Lafayette Hotel in San Diego for their restaurant Hope 46. The image in the header is just one of the many dishes that I photographed that day. Executive Chef Ryan Gilbert helped lend his superb talents and I'm thrilled with what we were able to accomplish. The final result (image) really is about honing in on GREAT plating/food styling and GREAT lighting! 

If you've never been to The Lafayette Hotel in San Diego, it's a truly neat experience! The hotel was built back in the 1940's and although it's been remodeled since, the classic old Hollywood charm is very present. 

In several of the photographs, I used props from their restaurant, Hope 46 -- things like books, picture frames, in addition to using old posters (that were tacked to the wall) for the background. It's these elements that bring that nostalgic charm into the photos.

If you own a restaurant, bed and breakfast, hotel, resort, casino, etc....ask yourself, "What story do I want my images to convey?"

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