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Inspirational Wall Art

As an artist, I’m inspired by many different art forms. But, without a doubt, I’m most inspired by the great Dutch painters. Their works were intricate, detailed, and incredibly rich. It’s that time period that inspires a lot of my photographs. As a photographer, I like to draw my light into the scene so that the photographs breathe life and help create an emotional reaction. It’s a detailed and time consuming lighting process, but one that creates beautiful results, especially on canvas.

I hope that when you look at these mounted canvas photo prints that you are taken back to a time: the reminiscing of the joys of playing a musical instrument, walking through the forest, or whatever positive memory these photographs bring you.

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Canvas Prints Now Available

Would you like to hang a beautiful canvas print in your home or office? Rob Stathem Photography is now offering canvas prints in a variety of sizes.  Prints come in full color, on matte canvas, and are stretched over a 1/2 inch wooden frame. Please visit SHOP to view available canvas prints, and to place your order.